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πŸ˜• What makes me unhappy

At this point, I feel unproductive πŸ™ƒ

Based on Pareto's Principle, in order for me to feel more productive. I need toπŸ‘‡

eliminate 20% of the stuff that may cause 80% harm to my life πŸ˜„.

So, I'm thinking of what stuff I do make me unhappy😩 and not enjoyπŸ˜• doing it.

This is a list of what I make a change today;

1) Email

Actually, I have 4 different emails. Every email plays a big role in itself. One of that acc, I use for subscribing newsletter/blog stuff from other awesome guy or influencer. Mostly, all that subscription is based on my interest.

But, I always have a hard time reading that all. I get this feeling to declutter my mailing list and want to filter the best newsletter/blog that I want to learn from. So, I filter out/unsubscribe all the creepy one and the one that I probably not gonna read itπŸ˜„.

Bruh, after that filtering out process, I feel betterπŸš€.

2) Twitter

Twitter is my favorite social media platform as I can learn more about Tech Community, Startup World, and even current reliable issueπŸ˜…. But lately, my feed is not as good as I want to. After digging with some other blog on why my feed is not good as I want, also Twitter feed's algo, I discover that my follower and following is terribleπŸ˜‚. That's why I always get weird feed.

I filter my following and followers. Started to follow more people that live in Startup World, Tech World, Indiehacker world, finance, blockchain, and so on. And Walla, my lovely feed is back πŸš€.

3) Youtube

In school, Youtube is one of my own resources to learn more about certain topics. At that time, I digging more into Additional Math and Physics(I hate ChemistryπŸ˜†). But, right now, I start to love programming more than both of them πŸ˜‚. I start to unsubscribe from the Youtube channel that I probably not gonna watch back. Again, the same result as above. My Youtube recommendations are in high-lovely mode.πŸ”₯

4) Mobile apps

FACT: I get this Macbook Pro when I start to enter University back in 2019. Still new πŸ’».

I would say, only 3 hours my time spend on my mobile phone. Haha. Again I Delete all the weirdo apps/games.

5) note-taking app

Urgh, this one. I try a lot of Note-taking Software out there. For example, Evernote, Notion, Trello and so on. But, I stuck with these 4 software that keeps loving to useπŸ₯°;

6) thought && idea

As an introvert, my mind talks louder than my mouth. I realize this when I feel stressed solving bugs last monthπŸ˜‚. Right now, whenever I have thought/idea/thinking/list of tools and whatever comes to my mind, I keep/write it in the note-taking app I mention earlier. Gosh, I feel more productive after I list out my thought.

Also, one of my fear is writing. I combat my fear with the Just F***ing Do It principle. Haha, what you are reading right now, I already fight my fear.

Felling cool, like I should 😎.

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