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Tools around knowledge management

The tools I use to manage my knowledge are categorized into three groups.

The first is static notes. I use this to keep track of my programming notes, side projects notes, tool notes, contacts, music notes, and any static notes. In simple terms, static notes are those notes that won't change dynamically over time. There is no hypothesis here, just a fact that we need to keep in mind or remember. The idea of keeping these notes didn't play such a big role in thinking, but it still played a part.

It can be in a digital or physical form. In physical, you can do this by making a special book or folder. As we are in the digital age, we can use software instead. For example, FSNotes, Joplin, Craft, and Evernote.

The second type is incremental or dynamic notes. My morning pages writing are here, as well as book notes, articles, or blog notes, notes that have a high likelihood of being changed over time, including my own thoughts and musical thoughts. It could be my hypothesis that gets discarded in the future. The date is important since I'm able to track my thoughts and thinking process over time. Today, I might be confident in this knowledge. But as I keep learning, I will have a different rationale for it in the future. I did not delete it, just kept it as proof of my thought and thinking process.

This can be both physical or digital type. I prefer to have a quick physical notebook so I can write down my thoughts everywhere at any time. I love to use blank paper. It's much easier and portable. Software that has this kind of functionality is The Archive. To suit this workflow, the software must have robust search capabilities. It can help you find related keywords and ideas fast and easily.

The third is a personal task or project management app. My daily, weekly, monthly, and annual goals and tasks are managed here. This is where I keep track of my side projects and long-term projects. My progress is tracked, I can set due dates, I can set a to-do list based on the project and context, and I'm notified. As for notes, they will be stored in the static notes app. Software that fits this workflow is the Things & Todoist app.

There it is, the workflow of my knowledge management. I think this is a good idea for making my own tools based on this workflow instead of using third-party software. Let's see, a very good idea tho.

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