The Partial :P

Three months of unorganized thoughts

I haven't posted anything in about 3 months. There is a lot of stuff and a lot of experience going on in this timeline. It has been a busy period. Because I'm working on improving my music, social skills, comprehension, more fiction books, university stuff, and other areas of knowledge, 3 months feels like a year to me.

I do expect this to happen: a big pile of unorganized and raw thoughts that I should turn into a blog post.

For me, this is a hilarious emotional and thinking burden. I experience a lack of clarity. My thinking is cloudy.

I also expect to need some time to format those thoughts. For the past 3 months, I have been putting in a lot of input without producing output in the form of writing.

Every time I write something, I remind myself that I am the one who will read and appreciate it in the future. The person to impress is me. Due to the fact that this is an online diary I made for myself, I don't expect a huge audience. Good to know you're reading it and following my journey. If you happen to read it, then you are lucky.

A consistent approach is what I believe. I will therefore regularly post one article every week. That's four posts per month, and 48 posts per year. I consider that quite good. Luvit.

The end

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