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The thought of becoming a DJ

The idea of becoming a DJ had never occurred to me before. This thought came to me recently when I was producing dance music.

Growing up hearing about the word "DJ" bores me. As Malaysians, we think of a DJ as someone who stands in front of a DJ controller and plays a song appropriate to the event. Two types of DJs are common in Malaysia, radio DJs, the radio hosts that play music on air, answer requests, and often chatter and share news or celebrity gossip. Another one is a mobile DJ, who works at weddings, school dances and other big events that require music.

DJs at wedding events often also act as announcers or event organizers who are able to keep the party on track. For example, they may announce things like which important guest is coming up at a wedding reception, hand the microphone over for speeches, karaoke sessions, and otherwise keep the party moving according to schedule. Wedding events usually feature a popular song or a traditional Malaysian wedding song. I usually dislike the type of music played here. Because of that, the thought of becoming a DJ has never crossed my mind.

I grew up picturing a DJ from the wrong perspective. Another type of DJ that is rarely or not famous in Malaysia is a club Dj or a DJ who mixes the song in music festivals. There is also a DJ who produces music.

DJ of this type is always associated with an EDM song. There are many subgenres of EDM such as Techno, House, Tech House, Deep House, Disco, Electro, Progressive House, Trance, Future House, and more.

Some of the best DJs of this type are Martin Garrix, Carl Cox, Tiesto, David Guetta, Marshmello, and many more. Ultra and Tomorrowland are the two huge music festivals that bring all of the world's EDM DJs together.

Honestly, I love this type of DJ. Are these feelings related to my experience producing dance music? Haha. Being a DJ and producing dance music seems to be a natural combination.

A DJ's starting kit consists of a DJ Controller, a speaker, and a lovely dance music playlist. As DJ, you're in charge of controlling the crowd with the music. Don't expect the crowd to dance with you if the DJ's playlist is bad.

The type of DJ I wannabe is not the Techno type. Instead, my tastes are more in the house and disco arenas. EDM songs usually have a main drop part, but I like to hear a rhythm in the music throughout the song, like drums, that makes me want to dance. This is why I love house and disco music.

Let me show you the difference between Techno and House/Disco music :

Techno :

House/Disco :

See the difference?

The artist that influenced me on this type of music is Purple Disco Machine and Roosevelt. Both have a mix of House and Disco Dance music. Their music always made me want to dance throughout the song.

Here it is, the thought of becoming a DJ who mixes songs at music festivals and also produces dance music. What makes it exciting is making the crowd dance and making yourself dance.

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