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Release your music now

I'm not the right person to provide advice on this matter. However, this thought occurred to me after I had already released two of my tracks.

These are two of my previous tracks :

The Radio

Just a Girl

The first piece of music was a side project where I experimented with how people made music. That's what got me started in music production. In turn, I receive a lot of positive feedback, and they can't wait for the next project. With my second release, I developed a lot of new skills in music production and started distributing my music globally.

Even though I am not a hit artist (yet 😅), I started to put my songs out to the world earlier. Let's talk about music distribution a bit.

My current focus is on music distribution. DistroKid is the first platform I recommend to any artist to put their songs on multiple platforms. DistroKid enables all artists to publish their songs on all music platforms with one simple entry. Distokid's subscription fee, which is $19.99 per year for unlimited uploads, is a game-changer for any new artist. CDBaby is another good alternative that covers almost all of your distribution plus marketing needs.

Doing Music Distribution in the early stage have many good benefits;

  1. You can see how you grow up

The best thing about my musical journey is knowing that I grow up and make small improvements every day. When you zoom out and look at it in 1 year or more than that, your improvement graph is exponential. I can't wait to see how my music will be in the next 10-15 years.

Let's examine this band called Men I Trust. I want you to listen to this song first :

This song is so incredibly insanely beautiful. All of their music is like that. Food for the soul. The lyrics, the bass, the girl, the drum sound, perfect combination. They release this single in 2018, which then they put on their album in 2019 called Oncle Jazz.

Another great song from them ;

The truth is, they did not come to that beautiful place instantly. Their earlier song is not what you know Men I Trust as for now. Try listen to their first & second album which they released in 2014 & 2015;

You can see how their music grow up from the first album that they released in 2014 to their third album in 2019. As a musician/artist, this is what you want to focus on, not the competitive game.

  1. The future process of distribution will be easy

You don't have to figure it out, because you already figure it out earlier.

  1. People use different kinds of music platforms

By using DistroKid, it distributes to various music platforms. Your audience can hear & enjoy it easily by using their favorite music platform.

You do not know what will happen if you do not put your arts out there. If not, you always assume that you will get hits, but if things do not happen as you expected, you get down.

Your case may be different. Maybe the first music that you released does not get hit, but it is ok. Be cool with it. It is the process, dude.

Just release it to the world!!!!

The end

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