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Music stuff

Over the past week, I looked at an alternative DAW software than GarageBand. As a musician, GarageBand has been a game-changer. It was a wonderful experience for me. Even so, there are still many limitations that prevent it from producing a true production sound(there are certain people that can do with it!!!). My goal was to investigate and try as many alternative DAW programs as possible. I call this a productive procrastination 😂.

I try a lot tho.

It will take a long article to discuss the comparison. FL Studio & Logic Pro stands out to me among all of those choices. The workflow of FL Studio is particularly suited to Hip Hop music. For me, the Beatmaker and Piano roll are the main features that stand out. That is a super easy workflow to create beat-based music especially LOFI music. But, I don't like how the user interface is designed, though. Similar to Ableton.

It is hard to say since I was so comfortable with Garageband's UI before, now I am leaning towards Logic Pro. If you compare the price of the software, Logic Pro is significantly better than FL Studio, which costs $200 once. As opposed to FL Studio which has 4 different prices and even the Producer edition features are less than $200 for the full version of Logic Pro. Plus, I use macOS too, so why not? The best purchase I have made at this stage of my musical journey.

Also, I do not consider my music genres to be hip-hop. The genres I gravitate toward are psychedelic rock, shoegaze, alternative rock, indie pop, and LOFI(hehe, I think this is hip-hop too :p). Furthermore, the FL Studio drumbeat feature also can be implemented in Logic Pro using Drum Machine Designer and Step Sequencer. So yeah.


This week, I blog about Don't wake up early. It took some time for me to jump to this conclusion. I start to think of this idea in early 2021, where I question a lot about what I should do when waking up and why I should wake up early.

  • Do you go through your emails first thing in the morning?
  • Or check if your friend has seen your message on Slack or Discord?
  • Or looking at other people's Story on Instagram and Whatsapp?
  • Or see how many likes you have gathered on social media?

Regardless, you are setting up your day for failure. Your mental energy will be wasted on nonessential things. Morning negativity will lead to an overall negative day.............

read more on my post.

next week

I have a plan to learn VueJs and how to integrate it with Rails. I think the workflow will be using the Rails API. I learn it because I want to plan for a safe job. Either React + Rails and VueJs + Rails, I would prefer the latter. Nowadays, I just want to use less or just a sprinkle of Javascript. So yeah.

I also have a plan to learn how to do mixing and integrating third-party plugins in Logic Pro. I consider this stage is an editing or final music production. You already have set up all the tracks, rhythms, EQ, and other stuff. And now focusing on mixing the sound on every stage of the song.

The week ahead will be fun.

The end

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