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Recently (Oct week 2)

Here we go again, recently article for October week 2. A lot of fun things happened this week. It is so cool that I recorded all the ups and downs for the past week on this initial recently draft. When I look back on my past recently article, I achieve a lot of small wins and improvements that I barely noticed. Okay, I start with a roller coaster experience, damm it !!!

My family and I have short vaca in Kuala Lumpur. We go to a lot of places including Berjaya Times Square. One of the attractions of BTS(not that BTS boy) is its biggest indoor theme park. On every eighth floor, you will hear a thrilling roller coaster sound. People screaming loudly riding that roller coaster. We skip over the rest of the places and head straight to the theme park entrance.

The first games that we choose are roller coasters!!! Rollercoaster rides are extremely thrilling, suspenseful, and exhilarating. Imagine yourself getting into your seat and getting strapped in. You can hear the buzzing of excitement from your fellow passengers. You can literally feel all the animosity as your neck hair peaks with anxiousness.

The ride slowly takes off and you start the incline. Your ears are hypnotized by the clicking of the gears while you watch yourself climb higher and higher. Your blood starts rushing and you can feel every foot you climb.

Dramatically, your climb starts to slow as you reach the acme of the structure. All the noises stop and you feel a rumbling as gravity rips the cars down, the wind is slapping you in the face as it would if you put your head out of the window of a speeding car.

The ear-piercing screams of all the thrill-seekers behind and in front of you only boost the adrenal glands into full throttle, as your body is shaking from the twists turns, and loops. The excitement consumes you as you feel the slingshot of velocity with every drop you take.

Then you get spit out to a straightaway that yields the while experience and you feel your body still in motion, while your brain adjusts you still feel the adrenaline flowing fast. The ride then comes to a stop and you either feel like doing it again and again or, you feel like crawling into a dark motionless hole feeling terrified.

That is a whole new experience after getting trap in the house for about a year.

There is good news for Malaysians, we can all go across the country!!! We have had a quite strict standard operating procedure for a very long time as people trapped in their regions and states make people feel looney and turn into zombies. For about a year, people cannot have a proper social life with their parents or friends, which causes a lot of mental illness cases.

The week ahead will be fun.

Bye 👋

The end

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