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I have been grown up with the Oreo cookie; it has been my favorite cookie for many years. They are a yummy treat for any occasion.

The Oreo cookie is a sandwich-style cookie composed of two crispy chocolate wafers that have the brand name in the center of the cookie with the sweet white creamy middle in between the wafers.

They are sweet enough to be eaten by themselves or you can dunk them in milk. There has even been a debate as to how we eat them, from dunking them in milk or twisting one side and eating the filling first. Whatever camp you are a part of, the cookie is still delicious.

Nowadays, oreo comes in a variety of flavors such as original, mint, chocolate, lemon, caramel, red velvet, peanut butter, hazelnut, double stuff, fudge, birthday cake, and ice cream.

Whenever my family and I go to the shopping mall, the one thing that we did not miss is to buy Chocolate Oreo Mcflurry from McDonald’s restaurant. The moment when I put it in my mouth, the decadent combination of the vanilla ice cream and the crispy oreo chocolate danced all over my taste buds.

In addition with its squishy and crunchy sound will make my day. And it is been my habit to choose whatever food that has an oreo in them. For example, TeaLive mango smoothie with oreo toppings and oreo chocolate brownies cake.

Oreo cookies are one of the best snacks ever made.

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