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Loop that music

Waaa, feel fun again being able to write a blog. After two or three months without blogging, my mind feels terrible 😂. Because I did not flush out all the stuff in my head into this blank screen.

Anyway, tons of stuff I have been trying for the last three months. One of that is creating a Youtube Channel ;p. I call it Loop That Music.

Why on the earth I create a Youtube Channel tho 😂.

The story begins like this. On 6 March 2021, my family and I have a short vacation in Kuala Lumpur city. We live at PNB Perdana Hotel for two days. We go to Aquaria KLCC, exploring the whole Kuala Lumpur City, Bukit Bintang and yada yada.

I remember that on the way go to Aquaria KLCC, I hear weird, relax, R&B, and punk song styles. The song is Leave The Door Open by Bruno Mars, Anderson Paak, and Silk Sonic. The song is amazing tho. I describe it as the late 70s/90s, R&B, punk, slow, romance, love, and cool type of songs. When I hear the music at first, it always makes me nodded. The drum, the lyrics, the Bruno Mars part, the Conga, all that stuff is a perfect combination for me.

After that, I open that Youtube video for almost 2 to 3 hours in my hotel room. But the tedious part is I always need to click the repeat button to hear that song again. I am wondering if there is a long version of this. Then, I search the song title on the Youtube search. There are tons of 1 Hour loop songs about Leave The Door Open. Amazing, I can hear that song in 1 hour without touching the repeat button.

At that point, I see some weird idea going to my head. What if I create a Youtube Channel that lists out all the cool songs in the world in 1 Hour Loop. Aha moment gotcha. I think I can do some monetization because people spend tons of time listening to that video. Maybe I can generate some income with it. A great idea.

I search on Youtube on how to create a looping video. I create an awesome logo for my new Youtube Channel. I name my YOutube Channel Loop That Music. Create a new email. Setup a new Thumbnail for my first video and so on. A wonderful 3 hours journey.

Finally, my Youtube channel is live. I post my first video about the same song I heard before this. The main reason I create this stuff is to do some monetization and do not want to touch the repeat button again.

After about a day of launching that video, I just get about 8 views 😂.

However, a bad story happen. I cannot monetize that video 😭.

Screenshot 2021-03-15 at 07.34.19.png

Screenshot 2021-03-15 at 07.34.36.png

Make sense la, because I have copyright issues. The sad part is I cannot generate income with it 😂. Meh, after that issue, I stop the production. Haha.

I learned so much in this journey, hope I can transfer this knowledge on other projects in the future.

The end

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