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lessons from Daiyan Trisha and Aedy Ashraf

For this post, it is a little bit weird for me. Because this is my first time writing about people. People who I admired. People who I inspired based on their personality trait.

Honestly, I did not look at people's appearance. Either she is beautiful or he is handsome, none of them resonate with me. Yeah, I also have those kinds of feelings as a human being, but just 20-30%. It is just syntactic sugar on every human creature.

Again, this is strange to me as I write about two people that I didn’t know until I watched this telemovie, Projek Anchor SPM. This is the first-ever drama series I ever watch in my life. It depicted two main characters, Aaidaa and Aizat during the journey to take a big examination which is Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM). I do not want to tell the story (go and watch it!!). I want to tell you about the main character behind both Aaidaa and Aizat which is Daiyan Trisha and Aedy Ashraf. Both are well-known Malaysian artists and actors.

again, I am not a fan of artists. I just love people's unique personality traits. That's it.

Aedy Ashraf

Aedy Ashraf

I will start with this badass guy, Aedy Ashraf. Although he is handsome in the girl's eyes, that is not the thing that I was interested in him at first.

For Aedy, the world of acting opens up space for him to explore many things, both in terms of his diverse character traits, for him, the world of acting also opens up space for him to learn more.

This is what I am attracted to him at first, his own personal traits. Aedy considers acting to be his core. Aedy said that acting has its own satisfaction.

"What kind of satisfaction is that?" Guess the reporter. “For Aedy, acting is the only work that opens up space for us to touch people's hearts. When someone is impressed, from there comes satisfaction. This art is fine, so for Aedy it is important that when we act we leave an impression on the audience. ”

Twenty years can be said to be a fairly long period, and I think the supply of Aedy’s experience in the art scene is quite laden, yet one that I realize Aedy seems comfortable being on the same radar. He didn’t want to push himself to be a popular person, he was modest.

He doesn’t seem to want to compete, he likes to sit quietly without any publicity. He is not jumped like some other actors who are just a year of corn has been adored despite the age of acting a new year of corn, let alone armed with a hit drama. When asked about this, Aedy replied calmly to the reporter.

“Aedy understands what you want to convey. Many say the same thing. But this is Aedy, Aedy is comfortable like this, if he climbs very high, Aedy is afraid of getting sick later. Aedy is happy and glad about what Aedy has achieved now. ”

"Acting is a livelihood, this is Aedy’s career. Aedy is comfortable for a low key, not to awards ceremonies, doesn't like to shoot in the media but Aedy will continue to act as long as someone is willing to offer"

One topic that is hotly debated in the acting arts arena is the issue of the ever-expanding acting offers being given to a group of famous individuals on social media. Armed with hundreds of thousands of followers, some of them have already received offers from publishers and television stations. This situation invited various views from senior citizens of the acting world including Aedy.

“Aedy believes in sustenance(rezeki) and Aedy thinks this is their sustenance to act. But what makes people angry is when they don’t do what they should be doing. If you know you want to act, go study. There are many acting classes, go study with older people or with art teachers. I myself am still learning because for Aedy learning is important to take us to a higher level.”

I totally agree with him. For the past five years(I dunno, maybe a decade 😂), Malay drama seems daunting to me and I already set the mindset to neglect any Malay drama. The popularity of the actor is not the first thing tho when I watch a movie, but how the character makes a real connection with the real story character is the main thing.

If people ask Aedy Ashraf, how is he, does Aedy want to answer? ” "Aedy Ashraf is an introvert. Not much to say is more comfortable silence. But if you are in a comfortable group, Aedy will be the strongest person to laugh at. "

I love this kind of personality trait. Introvert, modest, badass on what he is doing, and maverick. I dunno if you see the appearance or character first, now you see what I'm trying to say here.

Daiyan Trisha

Daiyan Trisha

Daiyan Trisha is a figure that I think managed to brand herself. The music he brings has his own followers, as well as his acting script. As a Malaysian singer-songwriter and an actor, she is great at both. Some of my friends said that she is like the Taylor Swift of Malaysia.

“As someone who sings two languages, I think I will continue like this. Every song has its market. If in Malaysia is a Malay song I recognized but outside, my English songs better received. Why should I focus on just one language if I can market both?

True tho. She already grabs both markets. She is the second person that inspired me to be a musician after Parcels. I love musicians tho, their thinking and mindset are different from others.

"Is it true that people say songwriters will produce magic when they break down?" asked the reporter.

“It’s true. That's right when we write wholeheartedly and sincerely and we ourselves feel with the result, that thing will be. It doesn't matter what the work is, if you do it with full feeling, it will happen. Even if it doesn't hit, we ourselves know that the song has a story behind it. But there are times when we don't want to write based on our feelings, as writers we just need to make people believe what we write.

“There are songs that I write with other people, and we write in the studio. As writers there are times when we don’t want a story or pour out what we feel, we keep it to ourselves. And there are also fun times to co-write because we can learn and listen to other people's stories and experiences. ”

See, creativity can not be separated from the musician. It's in her own traits. All of their work is not fun but hard fun 😄. She also a good writer.

"I like to write because it gives me space to breathe, especially when I'm sad. I’m a thinker, an overthinker, so when I’m sad or breakdown writing it’s a space for me to express what I feel. I like to think about people, why people are like this, why people are like that ”

Haha, same as me. Writing ✍️ is my thinking medium. Space where I am sketching on something, something that I am interested in.

If you are watching Project: Anchor SPM, you will agree if I say that the chemistry of the five main leads is awesome. And I believe what all the work involves others, that chemistry is essential to producing something great. Aedy Ashraf, Chubb-E, Nadhir Nasar, and Sasha Abedul are seen as compatible with Daiyan, and this is not always what we see especially for a group that has just teamed up.

“Chemistry 🧪 is something that cannot be made up. Only when we work do we understand. And that’s also why I kinda choose because there are times we ourselves can kinda have chemistry or not. I can't pretend or force myself because, in the end, it's me who will stress finding compatibility. When an offer comes I want to know who I work with so I can prepare myself as it will to some extent affect the quality of my work. When I am ready, my body and mind will be more open and welcoming to the people who work. Chemistry will be there when we don’t put any walls between us and others. Like I said earlier, if it doesn't exist, it doesn't exist. We can’t fake it.

Bruh, she is talking some truth here. We can't fake the friendship. And the chemistry is built within years or even a decade, not in one day. But I'm thinking about how she can handle many things by herself. 4 things, singer, songwriter, actor, and host at the same time is not easy stuff to do by one person.

"Daiyan is facing any struggle right now?", ask the reporter.

"Of course, everyone struggles. Every day the challenges are different. There are times when we don't feel enough. I struggled with myself, wanted more and more. There are times I need to remind myself am enough. But there were times I needed that sense of struggle so I could do better, which drove me to be a better actor, writer, singer, and host. But to be honest, that feeling hurts even more for me who works in the arts, the work phase is fast. When I feel depressed, I will see the opportunities that come and I believe that what comes is the result of my hard work.

One more thing, I've set the bar for myself. I think some people noticed, I just wanted to make a work that had potential and I think I had to keep that.

This shows that Daiyan is concern about her work 💪. Be the best version of what she is doing and look forward to each of her work.

"What does Daiyan want to change about Daiyan's life in the next five years?"

"I just want my personality to grow. I don't want to rush. I want the work I produce to make a difference, to make progress. Don't want to be horizontal. I want my involvement to be able to change things. I don't think I can be what people want, I can't be the most popular actor or singer for example. Not everyone can accept my direction. I want to be different. Other people’s targets may be different than mine, and it’s fine. I just want to be myself and that's all I want to do.

Aaaah, I love these traits!!!. Don't think I'm in love with her, but I'm in love with her personality traits. That's it 😆.

She changes my worldview on what is the real artist, musician, and writer. Being a maverick, an independent-minded person is what makes a great artist. Although you may encounter struggle, that is not fun tho, that is hard fun 😂.

The combination of Aedy Ashraf and Daiyan Trisha's personality traits makes me want to write this post. Thanks for inspiring both of you !!!.

As a guy who writes software, At this time, I realized that I don't wannabe a Software Engineer.

I wannabe a Musician who writes Software 🤘🎸😊

The End :p

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