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😺Github Student Pack

Honestly, I don't like University. There is a lot of points I can tell you but that is not my purpose in writing this blog post. One benefit I get from university(the reason why I don't wanna drop out) is Github Student Pack.

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Github Student Pack consists of tons of Free and Free trial app that I can use for my side project(or, just wanna check and learn). Arrange by 12 awesome categories like cloud, design, developer tools, domains, IoT, API, productivity, and so on. I want to check out all that stuff and thinking of its usefulness.

Most Loved one

1) Canva

What I get: Free 12 month subscription to Canva's Pro tier.

I already used Canva since 14 years old. With all nice looking templates and graphics, dammm, so cool. It will also help me doing marketing stuff like Social Media banners, Infographic, and also resume makers. Perfect 🚀.

2) Namecheap

What I get: 1- 1 year SSL certificate. 2- 1 year domain name registration on the .me TLD.

The best part is on the SSL certificate because usually, Namecheap will charge $8.88/y. When buying a domain name, the first is for the domain name itself like or (frequently, the price will be $8.88/y). Then the SSL certificate to add a security layer for our domain name(http => https). Roughly, it will be $20/y(also add ICAN fees).

Now, I can remove the SSL fees and choose the .me domain name for 1 year for free.

3) Jetbrain

What I get: A free subscription for students, to be renewed annually.

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I get all subscription IDE software from Jetbrain (But, I need to renew it annually) for free 🥳 . For me, I'm not using all that stuff, I'm thinking to use these only;

Wuhuu 🌈


What I get: 1 free year domain registration, 1 free year Advanced Security (SSL, privacy protection, and more).

Yet another Free domain name.

5) Unity

What I get: Unity Student Plan free while you are a student.

Even I'm not a game developer, but let's try it 😊 .

6) Bootstrap Studio

What I get: A free license for Bootstrap Studio while you are a student.

Right now, I'm using TailwindCSS. But yeah, I also have some experience with Bootstrap. Maybe wanna use it later with a bootstrap project.

7) .Tech domain

What I get: One standard .TECH domain free for 1 year and 2 free email accounts with 100 MB free storage

Yet another free domain name.

8) Heroku

What I get: One free Hobby Dyno for up to two years.

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I would say, this is enough for a small/medium hobby project.

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9) iconscout

What I get: Download 60 premium icons per month for 1 year.

Iconscout is well known for Desing assets, especially illustration and icon. That would be great tho, 60 premium icons/month, 720 premium icons per year.


What I get: Free Essential plan while you're a student. is quite popular for automating end-to-end email testing. I get the essential plan, and truly nice for me.

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11) Typeform

What I get: Free professional plan for 1 year.

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Absolutely sufficient for me.

12) PageClip

What I get: Free basic plan while you are a student.

I receive a free Basic Pageclip plan which includes unlimited forms and 20,000 form submissions. Basically, Pageclip collects info from users(forms, surveys, newsletter forms, contact forms, etc) without a server. Pageclip is your server. And get my data in form of JSON/CSV/email or even slack. Super duper cool.

13) DataDog

What I get: Pro Account, including 10 servers. Free for 2 years

Screenshot 2021-01-30 at 12.39.14.png

14) GoRails

What I get: Free access to all videos and lessons for 12 months.

This is my favorite. GoRails Screencast is very awesome for whoever wanna learn Ruby and Rails. Chris Oliver explanation is superb. Even, tons of his students already build successful startups. Go check it out.

15) PopSql

What I get: Free Premium subscription for PopSQL while you're a student.

16) Sentry

What I get: 500,000 events/month with unlimited projects and members while you're a student.

17) ScrapingHub

What I get: 1 Free Forever Scrapy Cloud Unit - unlimited team members, projects, or requests. The unlimited crawl time and 120-day data retention.

18) SimpleAnalytics

What I get: Starter plan free for one year, including 100k page views per month.


What I get: Free Profiler subscription for students.

20) CodeCov

What I get: Free access to Codecov on public and private repositories.

21) Algolia

What I get: 100k records and 1 million operations, valid for 1 year.

and tons of other cool stuff.

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