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In his 1959 classic, The Sociological Imagination, the great sociologist C. Wright Mills πŸ‘΄ told students πŸ™‡β€β™‚οΈ of the discipline πŸ§˜β€β™€οΈ;

As a social scientist, you have to .... capture πŸ“· what you experience 🌈 and sort it out; only in this way can you hope to use it to guide and test your reflection πŸ‘€, and in the process shape yourself as an intellectual craftsman. But how can you do this? One answer is:

You must set up a blog...

In such a blog... there is joined personal experience 🏞 and professional activities πŸ§‘β€πŸ’» studies underway, and studies planned. In this blog, you ... will try to get together what you are doing intellectually 🧠 and what you are experiencing as a person. Here you will not be afraid to use your experience and relate it ↔️ directly to various work in progress βœ…. By serving as a check on repetitious work, your blog also enables you to conserve your energy.

It also encourages you to capture fringe-thoughts: various ideas πŸ’‘ which may be byproducts of everyday life, snatches of conversation overheard in the street 🚦, or, for that matter, dreams πŸ’­. Once noted, these may lead to more systematic thinking, as well as lend intellectual relevance to the more directed experience

... The blog also helps you build up the habit of writing ✍️... In developing the blog, you can experiment as a writer, and this, as they say, develop your powers of expression πŸ’¬.

Actually, he called it a file instead of a blog, but the point remains the same: becoming a scientific thinker requires practice and writing is a powerful aid to reflection.

So that's what this blog is. I write here about

βœ… thoughts I have

βœ… things I'm working on

βœ… stuff I've read

βœ… experiences I've had, and so on.

Whenever a thought crystalizes in my head 🀯, I type it up and post it here. I don't read over it, I don't show it to anyone, and I don't edit it - I just post it 😊.

I don't consider this writing, I consider this thinking πŸ™‡β€β™‚οΈ. I like sharing my thoughts and I like hearing yours and I like practicing expressing ideas, but fundamentally this blog is not for you, it's for me.

Paul Simon sang "But all my words come back to me in shades of mediocrity". Whether your blog is for you or for me, the words will return to me, someday πŸ“† , somehow. Just be prepared.

I hope that you enjoy it anyway.

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