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Challenges for Islamic Believers in Malaysia

As a Muslim, I am very sad for the minority of Islam political leaders in Malaysia.

Islam is good, but the political leader is not good. Not all, but some of them.

Some of them are more on talking than taking action. Speak louder than action.

I'm sorry for the non-Muslim in Malaysia 🙏.

If you want to be a Truly Islam Believer in Malaysia now, you have many challenges :

You need to remove your confusion & bias towards:

  • Islamic Political party
  • Races, especially Melayu
  • Wrong Islamic teaching
  • the real Jihad concept
  • Social media status
  • news

This doesn't mean we separate religion and leadership and becomes secular. Islam is there as guidance to guide us walking through the right path, not just in words but also in action. Islam is a way of life, not a tool to gain power.

A wise person, when he learned something, he purposefully learning something. He learns beneficial knowledge. And when he does learn it, he put it to use. He acted upon it.

Being knowledgeable is not the same as being wise. Acting is not necessarily acting wisely.

My advice is always to learn Islamic knowledge from a Truly Islamic scholar who doesn't have all those biases. Make sure the scholar has high credentials in their knowledge.

Again, I'm sorry for the non-Muslim in Malaysia. Islam is much holy and beautiful than those bad people.

note: We still have a good politician ✊. I love them 🥰. May God protect them from those monkeys and have great integrity in them.

I also post this thought on Reddit for getting community feedback, and the result is the same.