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Advice for fellow leaders

Sultan Nazrin

In his speech, Sultan Perak(Malaysia)🤴, Sultan Nazrin Muizzuddin Shah give very in-depth advice to all Malaysian's 🇲🇾 Leader;

Believers people will appreciate the essence of the relevant verses. Indeed, the source of power that is possessed, sourced from Allah, will then dedicate all loyalty to Allah. He will persevere in upholding the good, firmly opposing the evil. His strength, protection over himself, and a fortress of resilience to himself came from Allah. He does not have to offer bribes or remuneration to get twin unsecured support with loyalty; likewise, he does not have to make threats or threats to build his own strength, because the strength gained in this way is extremely fragile in nature.

The true nature of man will be revealed when a person gains position and power, how words are no longer fulfilled, or words will change tones - different rhythms, willing to say that black is white, and white is black.

The true character of human beings will be displayed, when a person has wealth and property, then the culture of modesty and humility disappears, instead incarnate arrogance and haughty behavior.

Changes in character occur more quickly when a human being begins to be surrounded by greedy people who are self-interested, hypocritical, whisper words of praise with implicit intentions, and then abuse the relationship with the leader.

Remember, the higher a person's position, the farther his views are from the earth where his feet once stood. Never allow yourself to be hovering in the imaginary blue clouds until you forget the green grass left behind. It may have turned brown, arid because it has not been watered for too long.

After Allah raises the rank of a human being, practice the nature of gratitude to Allah, by doing good, and abandoning evil.

Practice a culture of gratitude to the people who have helped enable our success. Starting from parents, family, imams in the mosque, and teachers in the school, neighbors, acquaintances, and the surrounding community

This is a piece of great advice for me and future leaders.


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