The Partial :P

I'm addicted to fiction books

Before this, I was craving to read non-fiction books. All kinds of non-fiction, such as health, psychology, information technology, self-enrichment, business, economics, politics, etc. Sort of gives me new knowledge and a new kind of worldview. A new way to think about the same thing or to think from the other perspective and so on.

For non-fiction books, I read them on a schedule, a daily schedule, because reading them requires thinking. Every day, I block an hour of my day to allow my brain to absorb the book to its fullest. My brain is working to understand the author's story, examples, scientific research, wisdom, interviews, and so on. Having gained a new perspective or knowledge, I must then act upon it, put it to use in my life. This is how I generally read non-fiction books.

In addition to listening to hours of music every day and producing my own music, that already takes up half or a quarter of my mental energy. Combining both activities and then reading non-fiction books makes my brain damm cuwayzy.

However, this is not the case for a fiction book. As of this week, I have already completed four novels. I was engrossed in the storyline throughout, eager for the next chapter. My habit of blocking 1 hour of time to read books did not apply to fiction books because I read whenever I have time. My free time is filled with a thrilling funny lovely storyline. The first thing I do when I'm bored is to read a fiction book. Every time I have even 5 minutes free, my mind keeps telling me, "common, just one chapter". This usually leads to an hour or even a day.

Is it because it doesn't require any thinking? No, it does. Just not as much as non-fiction books. Moreover, I find this to be an excellent activity for procrastination. At least I am doing something productive. It keeps me occupied.

My love for fiction books has grown. It teaches me a good storytelling technique, keeps me falling in love with reading more books, keeps me involved and craving what happened next, and makes me a good procrastinator.

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